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SANDY HOOK and AURORA In the BATMAN Movie - Foreknowledge or Planning

Calculate the odds that this could be a coincidence. Two mass murders linked by references in one film, undeniably connected to one of them. The revelation of this is then rapidly and ruthlessly yanked from YouTube. The first has essentially been proven to be a government-connected, preplanned, vicious false-flag attack. As more is revealed about the second mass murder (Sandy Hook), it appears the movie is not all that connects them.

UPDATE: More evidence of a deliberate purpose - see video #4.

UPDATE: The Dark Knight version of the map even seems to show the Sandy Hook school building circled in red as a "Strike Zone" in the map (see jpeg below).

UPDATE: Sandy Hook 2nd Shooter Cover-Up - It's Official Now

UPDATE: Video #5 seems to raise the possibility that the Connecticut governor was warned about the attack in advance - yet another seeming indication of foreknowledge. After watching it several times, it is hard to arrive at another interpretation. The words seem to be very carefully chosen.

ASTONISHING UPDATE: The props manager who was responsible for the "Dark Knight" map has been discovered. He cannot comment on the map, because he died a mysterious death at around 47 years of age... from 'non life threatening' injuries. His death was caused by the daughter of a United Nations 'New Canaan" committee member (New Canaan being an obvious reference to the Canaanite-Khazar direction of the UN at the behest of the Black Nobility - see ).

But perhaps more mind-bending still, his family also had serious issues with the Newtown School District board (!), as shown in this video. Yes, this is the man who evidently changed the name on the map from "Hinckley" (Ronald Reagan's would-be assassin), to "Sandy Hook" - the site of a future massacre, with which he apparently also had a more direct connection!

As props manager, was he also responsible for the inclusion of the "AURORA" reference in the same movie - the site of the James Holmes massacre directly associated with debut of the same film?

Many thanks to "JrStudi0s" for the incredible investigation for this video #6.

UPDATE: Here is a link that should have been included from the beginning --

The "Dark Knight" comics, which predate the recent Batman movies as well as 9/11 2001, contain uncanny references to 9/11 and other future events as well. As many readers will already know, comic books are often used as a 'sandbox' or a template for later story adaptation to movie renditions. This predictive character of the comic to violent events in real life was so obvious, that immediate suspicion fell upon the comic's writers in the 9/11 aftermath. In the PDF files below, you will see that the comic and screenplay writers are indeed connected, just as one might expect.

Thanks to John Lee for this material.

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Reviewer: palos verdes - - December 18, 2012
Subject: Stop the gun madness
I am sick to death of gun nuts running our country.
The second amendment did not give anybody the right to automatic weapons. Anybody who argues differently is an accomplice to the slaughter of innocents. Take your cruel fantasy to some other planet. Our children cannot accept the slaughter you visit upon them. You are no different than Nazis, and you need to be defeated as they were. Your are traitors, pure and simple.